Looking for a Cyclaire bike pump or the original Cyclaire inflator?

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Here are some more helpful links to innovative and useful products

The SpiderVac humane Spider Catcher

How to easily and quickly fix a loose toilet seat no tools needed

A battery powered airbed pump that fits in your pocket and really can inflate an airbed in about 1 minute

Annoyed by having to keep kicking a door draught excluder back into place, or nearly tripping over it? What draught? can fix that.

Pushchair inner tubes, posted quickly

Stable Lights for stables with no mains electricity, solar powered and remote control

Help to prevent DVT by increasing blood flow through the lower legs with this exercise cushion

No more loose rings! Ring snuggies including the unique mold to fit ring snuggie easily reduces the size of a ring.

A portable door lock to make any hotel, hostel or shared accommodation door more secure

A super strong tow hitch lock for securing trailers, horseboxes and caravans.

The easiest way to unplug plugs is the pulg. A plug puller that really works.

A switch lock is the best way to stop switches being unintentionally turned off or on - great for freezers for example

Draughty doors can be banished too with this clever door draught excluder

A very neat low profile remote control hanger to keep your remotes tidy - strong enough for heavy remotes e.g. Sky TV